The Crusaders of Hope were founded on May 29, 1999. The original members include Wallid Whitewolf, Vitor Whitewolf, Mandrakus, and Estraven. The purpose of the guild is to provide friendship and safety to all the members. The Crusaders of Hope follow a few simple rules closely. 

#1 All members wear the standard uniform of Black Robes and Orange Cape.

#2 All members have one another's ICQ number and will respond to a call for help from another member if it is at all possible.

#3 All members will act with honor to others in the land of Britannia, respecting guild members and non guild members alike. Positive Karma is not essential, but anyone who annoys or disrespects others is not welcome in the guild. This guild exists primarily to provide good friends and company to its members, and secondly to help promote a friendly environment in Britannia.

#4 The guild will not go to war with any other guild without the full consent of all of its members.

#5 The guild will focus on developing relationships between its members as opposed to simple growth in numbers. The Crusaders of Hope do not desire to enlist a bunch of member who never meet one another.

#6 On Dungeon hunts and other adventures the members will collect the loot and split it evenly afterward.

Wallid Whitewolf


The Initiation Process

#1 A member gets to know a potential initiate as much as possible.

#2 Member proposes friend for membership to the guild leader

#3 Guild leader sends ICQ to members asking for a vote in the initiation process (it is recommended that members use the forum to post info about potential initiates)

#4 Guild members have three days to register a vote with the guild leader. If 75% of the votes cast are in favor of the potential initiate, the initiation process starts. (abstentions are not tallied)

#5 The initiation process will last thirty days. At the start, the sponsor is REQUIRED to give the initiate the ICQ numbers of all active guild members.

#6 The initiate is added to the guild stone and is required to wear inverse guild colors (orange robe w/ black cloak). The initiate is also given a copy of the initiation guidelines to use during initiation.

#7 Guild members are to try and get to know the initiate as much as possible during this period. The initiate is required to meet as many of us as possible during the thirty day initiation procedure.

#8 At the end of the thirty days, the guild leader sends out an ICQ calling for a final vote.

#9 Guild members have three days to vote. The initiate must receive 85% of votes cast as a Yes. (Abstentions are not counted)

#10 The guild leader must set an appointment with the initiate to go over the results. As many guild members as possible are suggested to be there.

#11 The initiation process does not equal membership. An initiate can drop out or be voted out.