After reading this document, you guys should not have any trouble taking screenshots. So there won't be any excuse for not submitting them :)  Here is a quick outline of what needs to be done. Hit printscreen to save a screenshot in UO.  Open the paint program, paste the image using the edit menu, and then hit save as in the file menu.  Then finally, just ICQ me the image, and I will edit it, and post it on the web site. The above steps must be repeated EVERY TIME a screen shot is taken. Otherwise you will lose the previous image.It is a slightly complicated procedure, but the alternative is to download some third party software, install it, and you still have to edit the images.

First step in taking a screenshot is to have something of which you want to take a picture.   This can be a guild event or any other unusual event you would like to share with your guildmates.  Just get your UO screen how you want it, and hit the print screen button.  It is located to the right of the function keys on most keyboards.


Opening the paint program

After you hit the print screen button, you will need to open the paint program.   It is included with Windows.



Once you get into the paint program, you will need to select Paste from the Edit menu as shown on the right.  A menu will come up asking you if you want to resize to fit the image.  Select yes.


choosepaste.jpg (13502 bytes)
Pasting the image

saveaspic.jpg (3317 bytes)
Saving your screenshot

If the image displayed is the one you want, select Save As from the File menu and name the picture something relevant.  You guys don't need to mess with any of the settings.
The image file should be located in the directory shown to the right after you save it.  This is where you will find the file when you ICQ it to me.

mydocpic.jpg (7798 bytes)
Folder where image should be

icqtopic.jpg (8479 bytes)
ICQ'ing the file to Mandrakus


There are two ways to send me the file, both by ICQ.   The first way is to go to the directory in the picture above with windows explorer, and right click on the name of the image.  The menu that pops up likely will have the options shown on the left.  Select my name and you're set to send.
The second method is to right click my name on you ICQ menu, and instead of send message, select send file, and browse into the directory shown above.



After you send me the file, I will crop the unnecessary parts, and post it on the web page.  If you can't get in touch with me through ICQ, you guys are more than welcome to email them to me.