The History of the Crusaders of Hope 

by Alaric Torquil-Rose


Every book needs to have some type of philosophy behind it.  Rational thought dictates to us that to do something we need to have a reason.  The Philosophy of C*H is to provide friendship and safety to all the members of the guild.  This historical perspective is to show futuremembers, and remind current members, of our role as a guild.  At the same time we wish to express ourselves as examples of loyalty and honorto all Britton's and give detailed accounts to our longevity of purpose and attention to facts.  From what I have gathered we are the firstGuild to categorize a living history of Britannia's events along with our own.


CHAPTER TWO: History of C*H
 and the fall of Trinsic

CHAPTER THREE: Juo'nar's death
and the freedom of Trinsic

CHAPTER FOUR: The Facet Upheaval
 and the Resignation

Interlude: Monoastery of the Rose and RRC Proposal

CHAPTER FIVE: The Anniversary Tradedy

Interlude:  The Growing Family of C*H

CHAPTER SIX: Trammel Trinsic undergoes chaos

CHAPTER SEVEN: New Directions


In the year of our Lord British two years ago, Wallid Whitewolf appeared in the forests of Yew.  Young and frail Wallid befriended many who assisted him in gaining an understanding of the harsh and strange wilderness thrust upon him.  Time progressed and Wallid found himselfgrowing in strength and wisdom.  He met a young man by the name of Mandrakus on a cold October evening.  They were planning a trip to huntin Dungeon Shame.  This first meeting and the continual communication through carrier pigeons earned each the trust and honor of the other.Wallid had a brother, has a brother, by the name of Vitor.  These two inseparable from birth parted ways as they grew older.  A family reunionoccurred in the wilds of Britain.   According to Vitor, Wallid lead him all over the woods of Yew and patiently watched him as he killed wild creatures.  Vitor's first vivid memory was Wallid's wise instruction of trapping and killing scorpions.  These three young men, soon to become heroes throughout the realm, were the beginning of the Crusader's of Hope.  As time will show many men and women have carried the banner of hope, and from time to time they dropped it to part ways.  Some left as friends, others through conflict.


Wallid Whitewolf


Vitor Whitewolf


Alaric Torquil-Rose




CHAPTER ONE:  Background of C*H Founders: their youth and present age.

Wallid Whitewolf Back to top

Chose the professions of archer and tamer early in his life.  Diligence encouraged him and patience kept him going.  Taming, the ability to tame and control creatures of all shapes and sizes, is one of the most sought out and difficult professions to master.

Wallid's first pet was Logan a stray pup wandering near the archery shop in Yew.  Their relationship lasted briefly as Logan faired little to Wallid's young commands and ran away.  Over the many months and years Wallid Whitewolf succeed in gaining the precious skill.  Taming rats, birds, bears, cougars, and so on gave Wallid the practice he needed.  His learning complete, but always practicing,  Wallid Whitewolf has reached the beloved respect of Grandmaster Tamer.  Sporting various Dragons and a Nightmare, Wallid is an accomplished veteran.

Wallid has not always had it easy.  His first encounter with evil elements was "rather sad," he said.  About an hour into his life in Yew he wandered away from town and out of the protection of the guards. Within five minutes Wallid was beset by a loser named Metallica who came "dashing out of the woods to welcome me."  An ebolt to the kidneys killed Wallid instantly.  It was this early experience that taught Wallid a valuable lesson.  "People in Britannia do not need a reason or a reward for wrecking your good time, they just like to do it.  I guess that's their reward:  they wreck your day and they enjoy it."  This philosophy has tempered Wallid in many a combat situation.  Honor must not fear retreat.  A battle is not worth death in the face of an inarticulate whelp bent on destruction and careless of his/her own life. True Honor is in wisdom.

While this first encounter was not the last with vileness; Wallid encountered many individuals of great honor and kindness.  One such individual was Apollo.  Apollo was out hunting one afternoon.  Wallid came upon Apollo while he was still in attack mode.  With Wallid's recent experiences he turned and ran, fearing that this new encounter would end in similar fashion.  Apollo was not a brazen killer and was able to catch up to Wallid and share in some jolly discussion ending in exchanging carrier pigeon information.  Wallid took from this conversation a charge of Honor.  Apollo illustrated kindness and honor which Wallid determined would be his course as well.  We are all given choices.  We may attack maliciously or defend honorably.  Wallid chose honor and looks up to his friend Apollo to this day.

Wallid had many other episodes of excitement (both tragic and heroic). Like the time he happened upon forty thousand gold pieces lying in the wilderness and being recruited as the Animal Charmer for the +A+ guild. We will see more of Wallid Whitewolf as the History of C*H continues.



The life and history of Mandrakus is sketchy as primary documentation has been limited.  Mandrakus, also known as Drake, is a warrior of virtue and purity and was first to approach Wallid Whitewolf with the concept of buying a house together.  This initial suggestion and friendship is what blossomed into the Crusader's of Hope.  A warrior, a fisherman, a teacher, a lover, Mandrakus is the epitome of valor.

Aiding the unfortunate, and risking life itself to retrieve a simple backpack for a friend, Mandrakus is one of the few that truly bring Hope to a desolate and vile Britannian landscape.

New information has been uncovered about Mandrakus and so I add important information about him.  Mandrakus was born in the town of Minoc in EY (Earth Year) 1998.  He and his brother HellSavior worked closely as Mandrakus began his journey's through Vesper.

Mandrakus began life as a blacksmith but soon learned that mining was a hazardous task.  Leaving the protective grounds of the city, Mandrakus travelled to the mountain top mine where he was accosted by Brick; who stole his gold.  Mandrakus always a believer in Honor demanded that Brick do the honorable thing and return the gold.  With Brick laughing in his face Mandrakus attacked him, thinking he was a match for the man.  Brick made short work of Mandrakus and looted everything he had.

Mandrakus followed Brick to Vesper and shared with HellSavior what had happened.  Brick soon found himself in splinters as HellSavior tinkered a trapped box.  When Brick snopped he was blown to pieces.

There were many people like  Brick whom Mandrakus came across in his journey's, however, Drake makes solid points that there were many who were honorable as well.  A nameless fellow came to his mind as he related his story to me under the candlelight of the Crusader's of Hope original guild house.  The individual gave Drake a tour of the moongate system and a tour of the moonglow zoo.  Anyone that has traversed the moongates of Britannia know they can be frustrating.

Most of Mandrakus' early life was solitary exploring.  Drake remembers the luck in meeting Wallid Whitewolf as Drake had travelled through Yew.  Intentions were to stay only a few days.  Mandrakus refers to Wallid as "his first real friend in Britannia."   Wallid invited Drake to dungeon hunt however, recently accosted by numerous killers Mandrakus was suspicious.  Drake decided to give Wallid the benefit of the doubt.  From documents uncovered within the chests of the guildhouse I believe their first hunt took place in Shame.

A month after meeting Mandrakus joined the guild Wallid was in called Absinthe.  At the same time the two became roommates and began talking about forming their own guild when Absinthe started falling apart.  It took about six months after leaving Absinthe to found the Crusader's of Hope.


Vitor Whitewolf

As stated much earlier Vitor and Wallid were separated for a time.  Upon reuniting the two found strength in their love for one another.  As brother's they have stood side by side to fight monsters most vile. Vitor, a mage, has helped Wallid many times in the dungeons around Brittan tame dragons.  Casting heals of power upon Wallid, Vitor has aided his brother many a times.  His presence in C*H is most welcome and needed for Wallid in his sometimes intemperate manner has needed his brother's calming touch to save the life of some brash twit about to be fed to one of Wallid's dragons. 

Vitor upon returning to Yew was a young and very inexperienced child in the ways of the arcane magic's.  From experiences with small time thieves to dealing with a killer of his brother, Vitor began his time in Brittania somewhat brash.  Time and wisdom toned down Vitor's nature along with the teachings of several individuals he came to know and befriend.  Today Vitor's wisdom is a guiding torch in the Crusader's of Hope.

I have known Vitor since my coming to Brittania and for a short period of time we crossed paths before he left for the country.  Vitor is responsible for saving my life dozens upon dozens of times.  His honor and compassion, wisdom and tenacity of spirit are guiding lights and hold for me deep respect.  Vitor has risked his life countless times to aid all members of C*H and has been patience we all benefit from.



Guenevere's past is filled with shadow. What is known of her is confined to the times spent with her since her induction into the Crusader's of Hope as an initiate and then as a member. Guenevere is of a beauty beyond comparison and has a compassion for people that is unmatched by other members of the guild. She goes out of her way to assist us all in times of need.  On the battle front she is growing in combat skill and is a solid assistance to us all.

Guenevere took up the skill of taming and has relied upon Grandmaster Wallid Whitewolf for adivice and assistance.  The guild is quite fortunate to have two tamers.  The power of controlling animals actions and decisions makes us that much stronger now that it is times two.


Alaric Torquil-Rose

Perhaps it is most difficult to talk about myself, for by doing so it is easy to construe facts to give better light to my character.  One thing I pride myself on though is honesty.

I am a brash warrior but with recent visages I believe this is changing with age.  I was raised by my family within The Red Rose.  The Red Rose was a tight knit clan of believers in Jesus Christ.  During the molding points of my life I was influenced by the campfire stories of Christ, His sacrifice and devotion to His people as well as His stern condemnation of sin.  In my early teens it was determined that I venture off and see the world and so become a missionary in a desolate land.  If not for the kindnesses shown to me by Vitor and his friend Pike Rizzo, my life would have been short.  Pike introduced me to the world at large and instilled good wisdom that saw me safely to Minoc where I began my trade as a smith.

The brashness, and sometimes-hotheaded nature, can be attributed to that deplorable town of vagabonds, prostitutes and thieves.  If not for the level headed Vitor and my constant restlessness for God I may have become that for which the Crusader's of Hope and God abhors; a vile killer, thief or any number of evils.  Still, my soul toils with the desire to kill my fellow man due to the retched life I lived around.

I gained a great deal of training from Vitor.  Upon meeting Wallid my training went to the next level.  His sparing philosophy and patience has enabled me to accomplish much in my few months living in these lands...and yet....I am far away from where I dream to be.

Upon beginning the initiation stage with C*H I met for the first time Guenevere and Mandrakus.  The two of them, along with the Whitewolf brother's, have taught me the importance of life and honor.  Now as a member I make every attempt to follow their guidance and modeling of honor.

On a balmy day in March I earned the coveted title of Grandmaster smith and have since made a successful livelihood selling my wares and services.

My life has recently taken on a struggle with the advent of the destruction of Trinsic by the undead hordes.  Living within its walls were my family and relatives of the Red Rose.  In all attempts I tried to free them before the final onslaught, but alas was too late.  All dead I am the last of the Red Rose Clan, no longer a clan but an individual.  I donned the Rose to my name as I am the last there currently is and out of respect for their example and compassion during my youth.

When I arrived outside the gates of Trinsic moments after the city had fallen my sister Angelina laid near death.  She only said one thing to me.  "Study the meaning of thy name Alaric Torquil, learn from where you come."  To this end I set out as member of the Crusaders of Hope and Member of The Red Rose Clan to seek out my name and my purpose in these dangerous and treacherous times.



Ahntarra is a danty lady of mirth, friendship and guile.  Let not her beauty distract you for long as her bloodlust has been seen to rise faster than the Felucia moon.  Ahntarra began her life in Yew as a pacifist and tamer.  Introduced to the world of Britannia through the husband wife team of Danyar Mirr and Tillea of Clan Miir guild.  Much of Ahntarra's early life was spent near the city guards, as for most how are new to the strange and desolate lands.  As she worked her skills she spent a great amount of time near the Banks of Britannia sharing her stories and helping others.  Ahntarra was gaining notoriety as one with a listening ear and became very popular among many for her charm and wit.

Ahntarra was very trusting and found herself falling into a situation that would prove to drastically change her for the rest of her life, or at least to our point in history.  Enticed by the pirate Dorian Delacey, Ahntarra was charmed.  Being promised presents she was taken to his home in Ocllo where Ahntarra was maliciously murdered.  Her life was taken, her horse butchered and her innocence taken.  Danyar Mirr hearing of the events that took the life of one of his guildmates flew in a rage and killed the pirate in a duel.

At this moment in Ahntarra's life it was difficult to see who to trust, and where to go.  Another member of Clan Miir came to defend Ahntarra's honor the day Dorian Delacey was killed.  Stefon.  Stefon is a quick tempered gentleman.  Easily riled and not quickly retired.  Hearing of Ahntarra's state sent him into a bloodlust which would find its way into his lovers heart.   Stefon and Ahntarra became close friends.  Stefon tought Ahntarra the way of the sword and when she became proficient in that, she turned to the long bow.  As her experience grew, and her relationship with Stefon, so too did grow her bloodlust.

Seeking a skill to practice Ahntarra took up taiming and sought the guidance and wisdom of the Illustrious Wallid Whitwolf, Grandmaster tamer and guildmaster of the Crusader's of Hope.  Through Wallid's guided wisdom Ahntarra embarked on her journey to master the beasts of Britannia.  Soon after meeting Wallid she was introduced to his brother the powerful mage Vitor.  The three of them became more acquainted and resulted in a friendship of trust and mutual respect. 

It was about this time when Clan Miir's guildhouse was ravaged and robbed.  Stefon and Ahntarra because of their love, and maybe because of Ahntarra's new friends, were fingered as the instigators-the stabbing in the back.  Under threat they resigned from Clan Miir.   Wallid's trust for Ahntarra was steady and he approached the now guildless Ahntarra for initiation to the Crusader's of Hope.  The Clan Miir Robbery has yet to be solved, but suspicion has been raised from Ahntarra and Stefon.



Light of foot and strong of might, Gilhoa is a woman of depth and integrity.  She relies on her wits and believes in what is right.  When wrong surfaces she seeks justice.  When Gilhoa arrived in Britannia she found herself in a land of death.  Felucca, she was unaccustomed to, continuously thrust its mighty vengeance upon her.  On numerous occasions villains attacked and killed her body causing her spirit to wander for healing.  And yet, in spite of this waste land of terror, Gilhoa found comfort in the people of virtue who befriended her trust, and aided her journey.  Shadow Night was one such man who purchased for Gilhoa a exceptionally made Kryss.

After many run-in's with evil, Gilhoa switched her tactics from fencing to swords.  She is thankful for many who aided her training.  Eventually she found her way to Trammel.

Trammel was a massive change for Gilhoa.  Instead of cutthroats ready to run her through, she came into contact with individuals like Joseph Stearns who repaired her armor and gave it back.  She found Man-at-arms who took her hunting and gave her the wealth of loot and his knowledge for combat.

I am exceedingly glad to have met Gilhoa and help her move into her small tower located next door to the C*H guild house.  Since Gilhoa's membership to C*H her value is unmatched.  Available to aid in any situation, healing her comrades quickly in the midst of battle, and downing ferocious monsters is an asset.

There is much left to be written on our newer initiate and this historian looks forward to picking her mind regarding her past, her present and her future.



"To all and any who may wish to know me, and as a reminder to myself from wence I came.  I will try to share my life thus  far."  

This was Tym's first statement to me regarding his past.  Tym grew up with a simple family life.  His father had little interest in extravagance and so the family never had a last name.    Tym was born in a small cabin north west of Minoc close to a mining cave.  His parents loved and supported Tym throughout his life.  Tym's father's name was David, taken from the biblical king David.  Tym's mother was reserved and in fact never spoke of her origins.  The family lived on a farm and were successful enough to keep food on the table and hunted enough to have warmth from the skins Tym's mother sowed for clothing. 

Tym's mother was an "incredible" mage but never used it and spent most of her time running after him repairing his clothing.  Tym was a rough and tumble lad.

Tym recalls seeing his father's order shield and broadsword mounted on the mantle above the fireplace.  When Tym was at the appropriate age his father drilled him in tactics.  Tym's mother at the same time taught Tym magery and healing.

At 17 Tym encountered the Chaos Order knights as they attacked his families cottage.  Mother and father fought valiantly against them but they fell to the hands of Chaos.  Chaos left as Tym was protected by various spells, and Tym buried his mother and father.  He promised vengeance upon their heads.

Tym left for Britain carrying his fathers shield and sword.  Tym was quickly stopped by one of Lord British's knights and Tym was taken into custody for impersonating an Order knight.  Tym was thrown in jail until he could have his time before Lord British.  When Tym stood before Lord British he kneeled and told his story through sobs.  Lord British remembered Tym's father and was sad to hear of his death.  Tym was granted permission to seek out a knight willing to train Tym and take Tym into his post.

Time progressed and Tym exceeded his training, warring Chaos and the local taverns and whorehouses.  In an attempt to put his past to rest, Tym returned to his homestead where he found his old house overrun by monsters and a beauty of a woman in the midst of battling the demons. Tym joined the woman and they defeated the evil spawn.  Pulling her helm from her head Tym was stunned and gave his heart to the woman, Gilhoa. Together they hunted and came to share in each other's lives.  Gilhoa was curious if Tym still sought the man with the scar who killed his family.  With eaters in her eyes she said she couldn't share her life with such an angry man as Tym, who was bent of vengeance.

Months went by and Tym saw nothing of Gilhoa until once from a distance he saw her just before she passed through a magical gate before a man he had never seen.  Tym approached him to inquire what his interest was in Gilhoa.  Tym has relayed his embarrassment to find out that it was a member of the Crusader's of Hope in the process of getting to know Gilhoa as a new initiate to the guild.  This warrior was I, Alaric Torquil-Rose.  Tym has shared some kind words regarding our first meeting saying, "I was immediately fond of the man and as we spoke I found that Gilhoa had spoken often of me and that you knew quite a bit of who we were."  As time passed Tym got to meet the guildmaster of C*H, Wallid Whitewolf, and after a few they also became friends.  After many conversations with Giloha, Tym and she decided to share a small house next to the Crusader's of Hope guildhouse.  As I was able to share in the love growing between the two I assisted them in augmenting their  home to a small tower.

One afternoon sitting atop his tower, Tym had all but forgotten his search for revenge and had been trying to work to become the man Gilhoa thought he could be.  A messenger came with a note from a man named Dirk.  Dirk was concerned because Tym was pretty absent from the rest of the Order knights.  Dirk had also located the man with the scar. Tym left immediately for Felucca to duel scarface.  Tym found scarface in a cabin and approached quietly.  Smashing down the door Tym removed his helm and spoke in all sincerity, "Chaos you killed my father and mother.

I am here to kill you and revenge their deaths."  As Tym finished his words, scarface faltered and his sword fell to the ground.  His wife jumped from the porch and attacked Tym with a dagger.  Tym in a smooth motion turned and split her open for she had no armor on.  Tym returned to scarface and slid his sword straight and clean through his Chaos shield and through his black heart.

At first Tym felt relieved, but then the bodies started to make shapes in his mind and he was looking at his father and mother.  Tym's heart shattered for he realized he had become his fathe'rs killer.  Tym wept realizing that vengeance had little to do with honor or justice if a heart is filled with hate.  Tym prepared to die like the Samurai, removing his armor and placing his sword to his chest when a cry rang out like a call to arms.  Standing Tym followed the sound to the next room where a baby lay in a basket, perhaps two years of age.

Tym carried the infant though a Trammel gate into new lands.  Stopping by his parent's graves he buried his father's armor and sword vowing to never again raise up in arms then carried the child to Gilhoa's.

As Tym awoke on the floor of the tower he heard Gilhoa singing to the child. Tym's heart broke and he lay on the floor and wept.  Gilhoa turned to Tym and held him in her arms and said that he and the infant could stay.  Tym remained in a state of shock for sometime.  But came to realize that he could never redeem himself this way.  Once again Tym picked up a weapon vowing on his soul to raise Frodo to manhood and destroy any true evil in Britannia.

While Tym was seeking vengeance Gilhoa had become a member of the Crusader's of Hope.  Tym questioned her for a reminder of our virtues. Tym began to feel that C*H may be where he needed to be.  He approached Wallid Whitewolf and the rest of the guild and after lengthy discussions was accepted to initiation.  He began hunting with Wallid and I often.

Tym and I spoke of the Monastery of the Rose.  Tym was very interested in my position in C*H as the historian and blacksmith and also as Keeper of the Monastery.  Tym has shared that his own search for peace of spirit is what kept him seeking answers.  I offered Tym the position of Minister of the Rose upon getting to know the man much more.  Tym has shared his feelings of being overwhelmed at the proposal and that this might be a way he could help others and hopefully redeem his lost soul.

So here we conclude; Tym, man of passion and hope, filled with pride yet struggling with his own perceived failures.  He does all he can to bring peace to Britannia and the people within.  Fighting alongside the Crusader's of Hope Tym launches in his struggle against the evils we all face. Working in the Monastery he finds peacefulness for his nightmarish soul.  He has high hopes that as he finds peace he may some day be worthy of Gilhoa's hand in marriage.  As for now, they are best friends.


CHAPTER TWO: The History of the Guild to the Fall of Trinsic
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As previously stated Wallid Whitewolf and Mandrakus started the Crusader's of Hope for no greater a vision and reason but to bring honor and friendship to those living in the evil lands of Britannia.  The guild has gone through few changes in its basic philosophy.

Togetherness: is the best term in this historian's eye's by which to attribute the guild.  In so many guilds you are but a number but C*H is a family.  Though believing in family unity C*H remains small, it non-the-less is very powerful as one may read throughout this narrative history.

The Guild has for the larger part remained somewhat aloof to the rest of the realm, but as events have transpired recently C*H's presence is a noticeable relief to its home city of Old Yew (Old and New Yew will be explained shortly).  C*H's first matter of public relations was in a newbie giveaway in the Old Yew Winery.  Wallid took center stage sharing his words of advice to those who attended and giving them supplies to see them tentatively safely in their new environment.  Vitor and Mandrakus were busy offering magical gates to the Winery from every city of the globe.  Not yet a member or initiate of C*H I assisted by supplying weapons and armor for the giveaway.  All was newbie quality as I was only a journeymen smith at the time.

C*H continued without my presence, and sometimes with it, in the process of trying to rid the regions of evil creatures.  Unfortunately their source has yet to be found and they continue to spring up like mushrooms after a long rain.  I cannot attest to the events of C*H until my official arrival and will dedicate additional notes to those times as they are dictated to me.

After my induction a second newbie giveaway went underway at the C*H Guildhouse.  Not as heavily attended we were pleased to assist more new faces to the realm of Lord Britain.  At this time I was a Master smith and able to assist with better items.  Wallid was again the distributor and vocal point for the Guild's flag of honor.  Wallid and Vitor again using their special talents sought out new faces to gate to our location for wares to aid for the journey.

It was not long after this period when Wallid, Drake and I were hunting together in Shame when joy spread across our faces and Drake's grand accomplishment.  He became a grandmaster swordsman.  To see him fight off creatures is a sight to behold.  Heads flying, arms dancing across the ground would make most ill, but to us it is like a beautiful dance. This event was the start really of major turning points within the guild and the rest of Britannia.

Rummors began to spread like wildfire among the villages and cities around the realm concerning undead creatures, mass monster buildups and possible attacks on towns.  These rumors continued for days until the first attacks came.  The first attacks lead to second and third waves as the weeks progressed.  The dead piled high with the bodies of noble warriors, sorcerers, archers and taimers as well as the evil that oozed into the streets of the cities.  Trinsic was hit the hardest as it contained an importance that I am just beginning to grasp.  Yew, Cove, Dragon's Bay were also hit by the unstoppable horde.  Several key players led this undying multitude, there names and what I can gather on them will be added into another chapter.

In mid-February the day came.  The throngs of warriors were ready for what was thought to be the final attack on the City of Valor, Trinsic. I located myself on the Paladin Isle poised at the front lines with sword and shield in hand and pen in pocket ready to write my last will should that event surpass.  Minutes went by, and then an hour, then two. Ahntarra was in Yew awaiting an attack that was said to be forthcoming there...and nothing.  My armor was getting very heavy and the mood was dark.  Then, it happened.  From out of nowhere the city was besieged by a number greater than any number dreamed.  Our dead were growing at tremendous numbers.  If not for a my dear friend Blacklung I would have died swiftly, but a Vas Mani saved the day.  We held tight fighting on the front.  Archers struck the undead from behind and sorcerers were casting heals and flame strikes as fast as their minds and bodies would allow.  Our forces were driven back and we scattered.  I ran for the closest house and blockaded the door.  Alone I wondered what my honor must seem to my family.  Ahntarra at that moment sent word that Yew was besieged and I recalled to give aid.

The next day the news was grim from the City of Valor.  It lay in ruin overrun and controlled by the undead hordes of Keoneon their leader.

The Virtues around the globe seemed to echo this falling as wickedness and insanity grew.  Few were safe on the roads, the mines, and even at some banks within sight of town guards.  Helplessness seeped in like a cold nights sweat.


CHAPTER THREE: Juo'nar's death and the freedom of Trinsic.
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For weeks the City was overrun by the undead.  Lord British sent his most powerful sorcerers to protect newcomers from inadvertently arriving in the city.  All seemed lost.  However the Virtues would prove stronger than the undead hordes.  In mid-March earth year 2000 the city was redeemed by a vast multitude of warriors.  Lord Dupre launched an assault on the city and pushed the undead back.  Drake's brother was present at the momentous occasion.   All over Britannia forces were fighting for the honor of each of their cities.  Yew,  Cove, Vesper were all and at the same time under violent attack.  The following is primary documentation from Red William.

"Trinsic was the focus however.  Meanwhile, in the city of Trinsic, the full brunt of the attack was led by Dupre, and they stormed the city of honor until they reached the black temple, where Dupre stood guard, along with a creature called the Death Vortex. Using a magical lantern called the Candle of Love, Dupre, hurled the Lantern at the Vortex, utterly destroying the creature in a flash of fire and lightning. It also seemed to affect Jou'nar, who was severely weakened from the blast; its possible that the death vortex protected Jou'nar as well. With over 20+ soldiers hacking at him, Jou'nar soon fell to his eternal demise. Dupre discovered the moon-key upon Jou'nar's corpse, which held the means of opening the temple and putting an end to the invasion plans of Minax. Dupre, however, was mildly injured when attempting to open the temple door, and was unable to continue into the depths of the temple. From within, an unstable moongate was present, which led to a large set of caverns, and magical doors shaped like deformed faces. Information on this is sketchy, but it was found that three Daemon brothers, one of Ice, another of Fire, and another of Poisons, were defending the objective. A fierce battle insued, but the combined armies under Dupre's leadership prevailed, and all three daemons fell. The Tiles that were said to hold the means of teleporting the monsters across to the other cities were destroyed, and the temple eventually was obliterated," Red William present at the attacks.

Prior to the liberation of Trinsic new information has been leaked that a mirror dimension closely knit to our own exists.  "The Mirror Lands" some call them, "Lands of Utopia" by others.  C*H is not sure what to call them at this time except "new".  With the current realm in shambles from all the recent attacks.  C*H has decided to move our Guild headquarters to these "new" lands.  Location, time, and opportunity are not well known, but one thing remains: the Crusader's of Hope will flourish in both worlds' we know.


CHAPTER FOUR: The Facet Upheaval and Resignation.
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As I stated in the philosophy of history and purpose I value honesty in history.  Honesty is what challenges us to become better.  When others are honest with us, and when we are honest with ourselves, true character is built.  This often happens through great upheavals of the spirit.  This equilibrium can be said as [a quality] built on the debris of our despair.  This honesty I value is in many ways my own mental hypocrisy for as these next few chapters unfold we will see the shadow and the tree of Crusader's of Hope Character.  Much of history is written with some form of bias.  Let it be said that what is written here is written because bias in history is not history but propaganda.


The Facet Upheaval

In spite of the fact that we were planning to move our guildhouse to Trammel (the new land facet) we were not sure how long it would be.  The interim time has been a challenge to C*H's sovereignty and the guild nearly ended in the shambles as the rest of the world.  

As soon as the facet's became existent several members from the guild began exploring the new region.  Trammel exists as the complete antithesis of Felucca (the old lands).  The world is covered in greenery.  Large open pasturelands are welcome for cattle crazing.  The cities are free from the infestations of thievery and murder.  Guards in Trammel have built up a seeming immunity to the forces of Minax and kill all monsters on sight.  Flowers bloom, birds sing, and not an evil is seen for miles in any direction from the city.  The dungeons continue to be the stomping ground for an evil that could not be eradicated.  The force that controls these creatures is still strong, but it seems that the god[s] have looked with favor on Trammel and have protected it from man's human nature toward evil.  Human nature continues to rear its ugly head, but their nature is hard pressed to succeed.

The safety of Trammel led the most recent member of C*H, Ahntarra, to take up a seemingly permanent residence.  The fear that accompanied her travel into Felucca created deep psychological torture and so she decided that Trammel was where she felt best to stay and act as a member of the Crusader's of Hope.  Along with Ahntarra I took up a long residence in Trammel.  My reasons were not so noble as to protect my mental state.  My reasons were financial.  I met a lovely young woman named Gwyneth and married her.  This marriage is not official to the lands of Britannia, but will be in due time.  Being married is of course expensive, especially when ones wife is a mage.

Wallid Whitewolf and brother Vitor continued to stay in Felucca where they were born and where they felt a closeness that both Ahntarra and I had difficulty understanding at times.  Regardless things were much different.

One of the main reasons I joined C*H was because of the Charter which held a strong viewpoint on the importance of relationships within the guild.  As time progressed I became concerned, and others as well, that the facets of Sosaria were going to create a serious problem in the way we communicated.  I suggested that the guild look at the Charter to see if it needed to be restructured to accommodate the changing world.  The thoughts and considerations opened a dialogue that spanned for several months (game time).  The final decision laid at Wallid's and Drake's feet regarding what the policy was going to be in how C*H would interact in Trammel and Felucca.  The word came down that C*H would allow  members to live in either land and spent their time in the lands as often as the member liked.  Wallid and Drake would decide in which land the guild would hunt, and in which lands the guild would perform acts of community service.

After the policy was set, Ahntarra spoke with me about some concerns and I had some concerns as well.  We continued to dialogue the situation. Wallid and Drake once again discussed a change to the policy that would allow Ahntarra to stay in Trammel forever without compromising her membership.  Ahntarra finally bid farewell stating that a policy with exceptions for her seemed unfair to any new members who may join.  The situation was very sad.  What I refer to as the Facet Upheaval was only the tip of the iceberg of C*H challenges.


Interlude: The RRC Proposal
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Prior to Ahntarra quitting C*H I offered a suggestion relating to my interest in branching off to begin a new venture.  The venture I suggested was ideally a way for me to live and relate to Britannia, not an attempt to begin a new inconspicuous guild.  I sent the essay for my proposal to Mandrakus to post.  He read it over and sent it on to Wallid.  Shortly after Ahntarra stepped away from the C*H Guildstone for the last time, Wallid shared his commentary and concerns regarding my suggestion.

As fate would have it I was encouraged to consider my options and whether the Crusader's of Hope was where I needed to be because it was decided that my idea did not favor the purpose of C*H.  After several days of considering I decided to continue my stay with C*H.  Instead of beginning a new venture with zero foundation, I would establish a Monastery that would act as my creative and social extension.  The decision was difficult and I was pleased that all were in favor.


CHAPTER FIVE: The Anniversary Tragedy
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"Hail members of C*H. I would like to address all of you as my friends. As all of you were present at the Anniversary party, you all know that it was a disaster."  Wallid stated this the following day.

The weekend leading up to the Anniversary Tragedy was a disaster for Wallid.  He attempted to hunt several dungeons to raise added income for the purpose of buying items for an Anniversary giveaway.  Wallid took his ice dragon Queen to Hythloth to hunt Daemons, truly menacing and deadly.  The two became separated and Wallid found himself dead.  Over the course of several hours he attempted to return to Queen to feed her and save her from the chaos of running wild.  Attempts failed.

Wallid then traveled to Desterd to tame a new dragon.  This of course is a very key move on Wallids part because Queen was the second Dragon he had lost to unfortunate circumstances.  His dragon Teeth was lost earlier to a scoundrel and his pack of vagabonds.  Wallid had been in morning over Teeth and only recently removed his mask of mourning. Loosing Queen, and still feeling the desire to tame another showed his desire to purchase the gifts he intended for the guild anniversary.

In Desterd, Wallid died yet again and ran to a healer.  Upon being healed he ran to his gear.  In the process of retrieving his things one named Ashen entered the picture and killed the vulnerable Wallid.  Ashen then mocked Wallid in his cowardly kill and ran away with Wallid's belongings.

Not put off by the two events Wallid decided to Ice Dungeon where he expected pk's to be at a minimum.  Upon entering a fellow ran up claiming that Wallid looted him and went into combat mode.  Without giving Wallid a chance to retort he attacked and killed Wallid as Wallid was still defenseless.  Wallid had gone to ice dungeon to tame and had no protection with him this time.

Wallid decides enough is enough so he begins to travel the countryside to collect items for the guild raffle.  After attaining a sizeable collection of magical armor, magical weapons, and regs.  Wallid recalls to the guildhouse and begins preparations when he realizes he left something in the bank.  He recalled to the bank and a magical curse enveloped him causing him to freeze in time.  At this precise moment a horde of monsters spawn, among them an orc who happens upon the defenseless Wallid and kills him.  Human nature then takes hold of the bystanders who are unprotected by the force that protects Trammel, and loot Wallid's body bone dry.

The next moments are utter chaos as Wallid entered into an unbelievable rage and quit the guild.  I, losing all sight of my faith, begin a process of selfish rebuke including a flurry of colorful language. Wallid leaves to engage in criminal acts while I enter a brief tirade with his brother Vitor.  I decide to leave for home.  Mandrakus in the meantime stays calm and saves the guild through quick-minded decision making.  He removes access to the guild bulletin board that kept us from furthering the spreading discord.  Guenevere is also calm and collected and cleans up the feast she had prepared for us.

A few hours later I received a letter from Vitor indicating my errors and hypocrisies.  The next day Wallid posts an apology when our bulletin board was re-established and asks for forgiveness and that he be considered for reinstatement as guildmaster promising that this sort of event and behavior will never happen again.  Drake reinstated him as the guildmaster of C*H. 

Shortly after his post I added mine indicating my apology to the guild, and among other things, my disgust and concern that I was no longer fit to wear the orange and black.  I also decided to take a leave of absence not knowing when or if I might return.  Vitor returned from a weekend abroad and offered apology for the way he wrote his comments to me in his letter.  He, Drake, Guenevere, and Wallid welcomed me back when I felt I could return.

The drama that unfolded since the "breaking of the world" nearly destroyed the Crusader's of Hope.  Recently we received good news that the guild will soon be able to build the new guildhouse, and I will be able to begin my project on the Monastery of the Rose.  We have dedicated ourselves to rebuilding our foundation of trust and hope in each other.


Interlude:  The Growing Family of C*H
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Time and time again the Crusader's of Hope pulls together as a family of friends.  Mutual respect, and a respect for the virtues have enabled us all to become more dedicated than ever to the family we love.

The new guildhouse was erected and a new dynasty begun with the initiation of Gilhoa.  She and her husband Tym, now an initiate himself (9/11/00), have added new dimensions to the Crusader's of Hope. Gilhoa's history may be read soon back in chapter two.

With the advent of new membership and initiations we have taken another glance at the Charter.  Several changes are being considered to add vibrancy to the foundation of the founders and help C*H to evolve with the changing dynamics of Britannia.


CHAPTER SIX: Trammel Trinsic undergoes chaos
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Once again danger hung over Trinsic, but this time it would take place in Trammel.  Information is somewhat sketchy at this time to this historian.  So I shall only include the facts as I know them.

The TTC was in the process of electing a new mayor of Trinsic.  There was some confusion about how the election would take place and who would run.  Under the table Tyriol (an ex-Senator) regained his seat and nominated an Orc by the name of Grool, of the Bloodrock Clan.  The system of voting under great suspicion, Grool carried the vote to become mayor.  The citizens and leadership of Trinsic became enraged in what seemed to be founded on racism against the orcs.  It is difficult to leave my own bias out of the situation as my own history points to my hatred of orcs.

In any event, battles waged quills were weapons and paper the battle ground as aristocrats and political ideologists fought over the laws of Trinsic.  Nadia whom I believe was the deputy mayor at the time, but a woman of importance nonetheless evacuated herself from Britannia in a sea of emotion.  It is unknown at this time if she shall return again.

Countess Tiera, Judge Advocate General of the Trinsic Town Council voided the election process as Tyriol was not a Senator of the TTC and therefore could not support Grool for candidacy nor run the election. The coup de etat was seemingly over, but a power struggle developed amidst members of the TTC, TTM and other interested parties.  Further, the Bloodrock Clan was still very upset at the turn of events.

General Jeanette MacPhearson Commander of the Trinsic military forces declared a state of emergency until a new election therefore creating marshal law in Trinsic for the first time in Trammel's history, and the history of Sosaria for that matter.  Immediately Commissioner Alec DeLeon entered into debate with Gen. MacPhearson regarding the constitutionality of the General move.  A furious debate continued for several days between the two while a new debate was aroused regarding the method of candidacy and voting for the new mayor.

In the end it was proved that Mobius, who was second in the mayor race to Grool (who proved invalid), was deemed to be the rightful mayor of Trinsic in Trammel.  He is pledged to move forward and not backward to return Trinsic to the "City of Honor".



CHAPTER SEVEN:  New Directions
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The Monastery of the Rose continued to expand and I soon realized I had to make a very difficult decision.  On Friday December 15, 2000 I parted with the Crusader's of Hope following some reflective time at the Shrine of Spirituality.  While there the waters began to churn and foam and light flew throughout the area.  I felt a sense of peace, and a sense of direction flowing through me and new what I had to do.  So I left the Crusader's of Hope to become the leader of the Red Rose Clan, a Clan devoted to the Virtue of Spirituality.  Although the decision was a difficult one, I am pleased that I parted the Crusader's with peace of mind and solidity of spirit.  Wallid, Drake, Vitor, Guenevere, Gilhoa and Tym shared in my pleasure at finding my nitche and their support was truly a blessing.  Their friendship shall always be with me and I with them.  We shall venture forward to develop ties between Guild and Clan and we shall never lose touch with one another.  Blade to blade, Spell to spell, and even Wallid's pets, shall fight side by side on many occassions in the future.  The Definitions of our lives have changed, but not the Grand Purpose!

The Crusader's of Hope continues on without second glance.  They make plans for the future.  Currently building a great armory which shall establish them for years to come.  I for one would gladly support their every need by way of my skills and hope that they might consider me to help in this task.

What shall happen now to the History of the Crusader's of Hope?  Truly I speak that I know not what the writings shall say, but I know one thing to be very true.  The Crusader's of Hope is beyond reproach, without doubt one of the most eliet and strongest guilds in the nation.  Very few promise the safety and protection of C*H and very few hold the family atmosphere that the Crusader's provide.  From the direction of Wallid Whitewolf, Mandrakus and the third founder Vitor Whitewolf, I take a great deal of knowldege and example as to how a guild should be run.  Truly I say to you who read these words, you shall not find a better guild to belong and you should do everything you can to become a Crusader of Hope.

In the name of the Master,
To uphold the Virtue of Spirituality above all others, 
In honor I write this by my own hand that none may claim it plagiarized.

Gooday, Godsend and Godspeed ye on thy journeys,

Alaric Torquil-Rose, Clan Master of the Red Rose Clan
Defender of the Virtue of Spirituality
Keeper of the Monastery of the Rose
Past Grandmaster Smith and Historian of the Crusader's of Hope
Eternal Friend to the Crusader's